Week 1

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLrFyjGZ9NU&ab_channel=Vox

1.1. New words:

  1. affordable
  2. housing
  3. by a long shot
  4. household
  5. resident
  6. stack
  7. shoot up
  8. tempting
  9. land scarcity
  10. cram
  11. drive up
  12. urban
  13. non-built-up area
  14. pose
  15. density
  16. advocates
  17. conserve
  18. high-density urban housing
  19. get to the heart
  20. auction
  21. scarce
  22. duke it out
  23. astronomically
  24. plot
  25. embed
  26. fabric
  27. slap
  28. reside
  29. retain
  30. incentive
  31. ventilation
  32. quo
  33. hygienic
  34. innovative
  35. band-aid

1.2. Why don’t the government change their tax policy and free up more land for their people?

Because they have an incentive to keep that. It’s good for government and market. Current tax policy help them get the title ‘best place to do business’. So they make a ton of revenue from leasing land for developers with astronomically high price.

1.3. Do you think the gov will actively work to solve this problem? Why and why not?

In my opinion, The government will slowly work to solve this problem. Because some of Hong Kong is mountainous and rocky, it’s not easy to built or get profit from that. So it will take a lot of effort, money to solve this problem. Beside that, current status is very good for government and market. Many corporations come and invest.

2. Dictation

2.1. This is a very nice ground floor two bedrooms two-bedroom flat. It will recently modern eyes was recently modernized, with a new bathroom and kitchen. The main bedroom is double bedroom, with all sweet an en-suite bathroom and toilet, in addition to the main bathroom and toilet. There is a second smaller bedroom, the living room is spacious and there is a large kitchen, which is used big enough to be use to the used as a dining room. The garden is susceptible accessible through the living room and the kitchen.

2.2 This third floor flat with easy and is in a very nice area of the town and is well connected with local shops and services and have as well as having good transport connections. There are two double bedrooms, one bathroom and a newly fitted kitchen, a living room and a separate dining room with could be turned into third bedroom. There are stairs to the garden at the back. The flat needs some organization modernization but it is very well cap kept and would be an excellent family home

2.3 This is a lovely flat, suitable for family or for people sharing, the flat is on two level, there are the first floor and second floor, above a separate ground floor flat, upstairs, there are a large double bedroom and smaller double as well as the third bedroom which is only single but it’s still have good size. There are a large bathroom upstairs and also a small shower room downstairs, there is spacious living room and large kitchen dining room with a real rear door steps leading to the garden.