Unit 1: Present tenses

A: Context listening

  • Excuse me, I’m conducting a survey on how people spend their free time. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
  • Oh, ah, OK. I’m just waiting for my friends. They’re always late so I should have a few minutes.
  • Right, now, Can I have your name?
  • It’s Peter, Peter Harley. H-A-R-L-E-Y.
  • And do you work or are you student, Peter?
  • Well, both actually. I’m studying very really hard for my exams this month. I’m doing maths at university. But I also have help my parents out . They own a restaurant and I work there as a waiter in the evening. So I don’t get a lot of free time during the week.
  • It sounds as if you’re very busy.
  • Yes, I am. And my mom is always saying I don’t help enough in the restaurant. But I do manage to find some free time most days.
  • Great, Now Can you have a look at this list and tell me what do whether you do any of these things and if so how often?
  • Sure, OK, Well, I love music and I’m learning to play the piano. I get up really early and practice for an hour or so just about every day. I also play guitar on the in a band with some other friends. We used to practice together at least three times a week but these days we only manage to meet about once every two weeks.
  • Um hum. What about the next thing in on the list? Computer game I seem assume you’re too busy to play them.
  • Well, I used to play them most of all the time but now I’m too busy studying I don’t miss them at all.
  • Do you use computer for the other things?
  • I use the internet just about every day for my study studies. And I also use it to keep in touch with my friends and family. My cousin is living in Thailand at the moment and he sends me regular emails to let me know how fun he’s having. He’s always visiting exciting places.
  • Yes, the internet make is making it much easier for people to stay in touch with each other. Now how about team sport?
  • Actually, I joined the local football team when I was in at school and I still play once a month, provided I can get to training. I much prefer playing footer to watching it on TV though I do occasionally watch a match of if there’s a big final or some things
  • What about going to watch live matches?
  • I‘d love to be able to afford to go every week Because I push support my local team, But students don’t generally have much money you know. I can’t remember the last time I came for the went to a live match. Oh, Sorry, I can see my friends, I have to go now
  • Thank you for your time.

D: Test practice:

  • Water Field Sport Westfield Sports Centre, Can I help you?
  • Yes, I hope so, I’ve recently moved to the area and I want to do some sports activities.
  • Well, we have excellent facilities, including a new gymnasium, and several tennis course courts, and Our tennis team are always looking for new people.
  • Oh I was never any good at gymnastics and I don’t think I’ve got the time push put into learning tennis. Now No, I’m more interested in swimming and I‘d also like to take a few yoga classes if I can
  • OK, well, we have three swimming pools: an Olympic size 50 meter pool and a 25 meter pool, which about are both outdoors. And It’s a heated indoor pool, It’s which is just 15 meters long, But is very popular when we are with our members in the winter
  • I bet it is. Do members have to pay to use the pools?
  • Well, members don’t pay for the pools if they just want to swim lanes at all laps on their own. We even offer complement classic complimentary classes for beginning beginners, But we do charge a small fee if you want to take part in the advanced training sessions, and there’s also a fee for water play our water-based keep-fit class.
  • Right, and would I need to book any of facilities or can I just come whenever I want?
  • We don’t just actually allow anyone to book swimming lanes or the gym equipment, but for safety reasons, we can only have a maximum of 7 people in the sauna at the any one time, so you do need push put your name on the list for that.
  • Fine, Now I‘d also really like to take a yoga class, do you have any?
  • Yes, they‘re consisted of are classes on Monday, Tuesday and Friday in the morning from ten to till eleven. And then every Saturday and Sunday in the evening, those classes are a bit longer, starting at 6 and finishing at 7.30
  • Right, I’ll just make a note of that. So, does not that mean that if I enroll I can come on each of those days?
  • No, Each day is a different level so you only come once a week.
  • Oh, I see. Well, I’ve been doing yoga for a little while now, I am still finding it quite difficult. which level do you think I should choose?
  • Most people start at the lowest level, and then you can talk to the instructor about changing if you think it’s too easy.
  • OK, How much are the classes?
  • There’s 1 pound 50 an hour for members
  • Great, Now I’d like to come in and look at the facilities, Would someone be able to show me around?
  • Yes, no problem
  • Who should I ask for?
  • Ask for me. My name is John Doherty, that’s D-O-H-E-R-T-Y
  • So Should I just ask for you at the reception?
  • Actually, my office is on a different level, take the lift up to level 1 and you‘ll see my name on the door right in front of you
  • Great, I’d like to come tomorrow if that’s OK. What time suits you?
  • Well, I have an appointments from 9 to 10.30, So could we you make it 11?
  • I’m sure that will be fine, but can I just take your direct number in case something else cross up crops up.
  • That’s a good idea. My number’s 0117965478
  • great, I think that’s everything, so I‘ll see you tomorrow, oh my name’s Alison Martin by the way
  • Thank Alison, see you tomorrow.


  1. Conduct
  2. Help out
  3. Though
  4. Afford
  5. Attend
  6. Crops up
  7. Complimentary